Free Comic Book Day 2008

Here's what our freebie table looked like before you guys got to it!

The opening of the store on Free Comic Book Day!

More folks come in to pick up some cool free stuff!

Brett and Ryan waiting to get their hands around Kellen's neck. Or the free comics. Or both.

Even on Free Comic Book Day people bought many non-free things. What good customers you guys are!

Young and Old enjoy free comics. Lance and Family.

Little children like comics.

"Hey! What's going on in that place? Free stuff! Let's go!"

Free Comic Lovers UNITE!!!

Chris waits for free stuff. Except if you get him a poster at San Diego Comic Con. Then he goes and gets it himself.

Joel looks for deals, because we had a sale that day too. See what happens when you don't show up.

Paul and his daughters love comics.

Ricky E. grabbed all kinds of fun junk...

...while Peter and Mom E. paid for stuff.

Kellen keeps the new customers at bay.

"Say ladies, what're we doing when I get off work? Alright!"

Kellen and new "Customers".

Eddie D. hates this website. He thinks a bad web designer did it.

Richard thought it was Free Your Mind Day!

The girls to right of Adam wanted him to buy them booze after he was done being a nerd. He did not, but Kellen did. WOOOT!!!

Mike O. and Joel Y. work at Bookmans. Go visit them and hug them. Now!!!

Matt met his idol Ryan and didn't stop gushing about it for over a week. They love themselves some Legos.