Nate's 10th Birthday Party 2008!
(Yes we made him work, and yes he is only 10. Goofy Leap Years!)

Nate calling all of you out! Or at least the comics Matt needs to pull.

Matt wishes Nate would hurry up! Being gone for over a year is no excuse!

Nate looks on disapprovingly as Matt helps out the E's.
"You're supposed to bend the comics before they go in the bag."

All of the E's are so excited that Nate is leaving... er, back at the store helping out.

Nate is sad that Joel ate one of his Birthday cookies. Ten year olds are brats!

Weirdest Gang Ever!

Rocky and Nate are so happy. Weeeee.

Nate tries to strangle John because it's his Birthday.

Nate is not in this picture of Kyle and Tom. He's being forced to work instead. Birthday - Schmirthday.

Ben is super excited that Nate has been forced into child labor on his Birthday! Hahahahaha!

The Three Nerd-migos Dork again! Insanity is funny looking.

Wonder Twins activate! Shape of a Bald Ten Year old! Form of a Confused Looking Older Fella -"Why are we holding these cookies again?"