San Diego Comic Convention 2008 Photos
Page 1!!!

Adam Hughes helped me screw himself out of money.
He told where to get a free poster for a customer,
that he was selling for $25. COOL DUDE!!!

Star Wars Nerds.

John Van Fleet signs an original art piece for a lucky person.
He and I talked in depth about the DC Corporation and it's Leaders.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa makes COOL art and does an awesome 'zine called Drunken Master! Go get it now!

Lance Henriksen was very nice. He let me interupt his
coffee break with his family to talk and photograph him.

This picture is for Abel M. Oh, and now for Eddie D. Hack/ Slash suckers.

The blur is Ashley Wood. The fella drawing is Darwyn Cooke.
This picture actually reflects their moods and how they act in person.

Dustin Nguyen signs one of his posters for a fan.

Green Lantern in Doc's?

"why're you takin' my pitchur thar young'un?"
I'm not, you weird old man! DC bad girls.

Bryan Talbot, for all you people in the know.

Scrappers and She-Ra! Mountain Men and fictional cartoon characters living in perfect harmony.

"Guh. What for am you saiding Jimmy Valentino?"
I don't really think he's dumb, he's got way more money than I do.

Matt Wagner drew this picture of the Peacemaker from Charlton Comics.

Andy Kuhn of Fire Breather fame.

I wonder what this woman is dressed up as?

Jim Valentino explains to Rob Liefeld that farts are only funny to children.

Tara McPherson signs her wares for an adoring public.

Le Merde sure is hairy.


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