San Diego Comic Convention 2008 Photos
Page 2!!!

Powergirl is shiny.

JG Jones and Grant Morrison are snickering like children all the way to the bank.

Bernie Wrightson ... He thinks...

I wish Black Manta would have speared this kid out of the picture I was trying to take. Damned kids!

Neil Googe is smiley.

Dave Johnson draws a very provocative Wonder Woman.

These Cobra soldiers had the best costumes of the show as far as I was concerned.

Apparently Greeks like Cristos Gage are very pretty.

Here is a woodburning done by Kiyoshi Nakazawa. It is way detailed.
Small painting done by Martin Ontiveros.

This one's for Rocky.

This is the artist of Atomic Robo, Scott Wegener. Go buy the book somewhere now! DO IT!

Keith Giffen looks angry after having to do weekly books for TWO YEARS IN A ROW!

This is Matt Sturges. He writes/ co-writes many wonderful comics. And he was a real sweetheart.

The Baroness and Cobra Commander strangle and punch a poor teenager. Hate Mongers!

Snake Eyes was hot on their trail of evil though. Too bad 'Joes don't kill.

Steampunk art from Chris Bachalo and Richard Friend. Very purty.

Brian Haberlin of Spawn fame.

More for Rocky. Fembot. Beep Beep.

Richard and Wendy Pini. Still alive. Hunh. Who woulda thought?


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