San Diego Comic Convention 2008 Photos
Page 3!!!

Doesn't Greg Rucka look like he just hit his funnybone?
He didn't. He's just itching the NERD off himself.

These are "EVIL" cheerlearders. Hunh? Aren't they all?

This is that Coheed and Cambria guy. He does that Amory Wars comic too.

Al Feldstein = Tales from the Crypt.

Did you think that this is what Ben Templesmith would look like?
Me neither.

Cosplayers, Tomb Raiders, and Witchbladers, oh my.

This was actually a person in a suit, not a statue.
I kid you not.

Jim Woodring everybody. Nice guy.

Mike Mignola talks to young people about the virtues of evil. Or comics. I forgot which.

Bryan Hitch was hard at work on a sketch for someone not me.

This is Brandon Peterson. Working hard.

These poor people couldn't walk 2 feet without being stopped for pictures.

Isaiah Bradley! Truth!

Matt Wagner sketching for a fan.

I made Frank Cho mad by asking him a legitimate question,
and he still smiled for the picture. Good guy!

Supergirl booty for Rocky and the rest of ya'll. Enjoy.

Terry Dodson as nice as usual.
Too bad he has to work with that hack on Uncanny.

Tim Sale on the cloc... hourglass?

David Finch sure has a shiny dome.


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