San Diego Comic Convention 2008 Photos
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Tim Bradstreet talked about his upcoming movie and his new artbook, both eagerly anticipated.

Art Adams signing his newest Sketchbook.

Atom Eve from Invincible!

"Brrrzzzpppttt. Drawlin' sure are funnerest. Ppppllllllpppp.
Oh Robbie Liefeld, you lil scamp.

Invincible artist, Ryan Ottley puts on his gangsta frontin' pose.
It's hard for us big white dudes to do it correctly.

Bruce Timm drawing a Catwoman head.

Matt T. from Plexipixel. Put your She-Ra back in your pants!

Darwyn Cooke snickering like a little kid.
I think he's drawing a superhero fartin'.

Actually, this was the coolest costume!

Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons.

Tara McPherson drawin on someone's head. Lucky.

Kiyoshi Yeti.

Grant Morrison is so far ahead of you, he's blurry!

Ethan Van Sciver was being interviewed by a large Television crew. Him's famous.

A wonderful drawing by Dave Johnson.

Mike Mignola working his magic on some paper.

"Why do you have a pimp cane lady? I thought you were an exotic dancer."

Here is some Mark Brooks art.

Drunken Master!


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